First post

Months ago I started to try to set up a blog with Gatsby and Sanity. I wanted to do the full install on my own, not use one of the templates available in the repos of Sanity or Gatsby. I also wanted to do the full hosting on a custom droplet, you know to be "full-stack". But I never finished it and so also never blogged.

Then a few weeks ago I watched Troy Hunt talk "Hack your Career" in which he is saying "do you want to be a server admin or do you want to write a blog ?" recommending to have an easy place to write instead of trying to run everything on your own.

But making websites is still my job. I still want to be able to play with new toys and learn at the same time. Specially jamstack since we are not using that stack at work. For friends, I've been experimenting with Nuxt+Sanity and it's been very fun to develop, however, I don't want to have a CMS for my own site. I like the idea of simple markdown files directly in your repo. So let's try with 11ty.

Let's be honest there is a really good chance that the writing will be very sparse, I don't like to write and I overthink and doubt everything I write too. But if I don't try and don't push myself I will not get better at it. And when will it be a better time to do that than the lockdowns we are experiencing.

So here it is.